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Friday, July 3, 2015

Sony Diaries #805: the moon is a minor player...

… on this set of lights
July 2nd.

Sony Diaries (RX10) #804: morning moon

the same moon that witnessed the birth of Western civilization in Greece, as well that country's slow burn in this eurozone generation is the same moon that is seen through the maple and the spruce… 
July 3rd.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sony Diaries (RX10) #803: a gorgeous Guelph night

I went out to shoot the full moon over the city, perhaps with the Church of Our Lady somewhere in the scene. But with moon shots, timing is everything, from the height of the moon over the horizon to the balance of moonlight and ambient light. So I missed it. Instead, I walked around a near empty city, student-free, perfect temperatures, a smattering of voices  and mellow tunes from the outdoor cafes, with jazz notes drifting out of the Albion Hotel. A beautiful night in a most beautiful city!
July 2nd.

Sony Diaries (a99) #802: morning wetness

July 2nd

Sony Diaries (RX10) #801: Scenes from a Canada Day celebration

Waterloo. July 1st.

Sony Diaries (RX10) #800: Hawk

Sony RX10 @200f2.8. Steadyshot enabled, no sharpening in post. WEstmount Road, Waterloo. July 1st.

Sony Diaries (a99) #799: green eyes, green grass

the neighbourhood cat who pops in for a visit once-in-a-while, we don't know its name. July 1st,