Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Donna and DonDon

filmed at the wedding of Nick and Mabelle, June 9th, 2012.

"countdown" from the past

An essential accessory  for pre-1970 cameras without built-in self timers. Countdown was as long as 20 seconds. Found this as I was going through potential garage sale items. Paid $12.99, a fortune esp. since I was earning $5/hr at the time back in 1978. Shown mounted on a Miranda Sensorex.

iPhone Diaries #466: a found nickel

Found this 5-cent piece at the park. Left it there for another person to get the same lift I had. July 31st.

iPhone Diaries #465: Simple pleasures: a good sniff

Macallister Park, July 31st.

Friday, July 20, 2012

iPhone Diaries #464: "... because it's Friday."

Response I got when I asked these two gentlemen as to why the blue suits? Only in Guelph, eh? Gordon Street, July 20th.

iPhone Diaries #463: Courage

Car ad in The Globe and Mail, on the same section as the news of families trying to cope in the aftermath of the Scarbough neighbourhood shooting last July 17th.

The Gordon Street Bridge over the Speed

July 19th.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Art On The Street, co-hosted by the Guelph Arts Council and the Guelph Business Association, July 14th

Wyndham Street on the left with the temporary open-air studios on Quebec Street
The Fountain at St. George's Square
Artwork by Aisha
Aisha at her easel
Artwork aficionados
Artwork by Noelle
Noelle at her easel

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Artwork in the middle of an abandoned quarry in the Guelph Hills

It is an on old shelter that has been given a makeover. It sits in the old quarry that used to be worked on by the inmates of the long-gone Guelph Reformatory. It is the source of stone for most of the Guelph homes. It sits near the Eramosa River and is accessible from the aptly-named Stone Road. It is a favoured place for folks who feel they don't belong to and not accepted by the rest of society. The sheer cliffs is a favourite for climbers and adventurers. The area is now overgrown with scrub trees but still there remains a haunting presence that demands respect from whomever approaches the area. 
I love this place! 
(A vertically-shot panorama, handheld). June 8th.

Will that be in B&W? or in colour?

Kelan at Osgoode Hall, sometime in June.

Will that be in colour? or in B&W?

Kelan at Osgoode Hall, sometime in June.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Snapshots from the quarry floor

from the quarry floor by the old Ontario Reformatory. July 8th.

The lovely Eramosa: hand-held panoramics with the 5N

 the Eramosa
 a bend on the Eramosa
grey canoe on the Eramosa
 green canoe on the Eramosa
 the Ukrainian Catholic Church by the Eramosa
 two ladies walking by the Eramosa
 a walkway and a canoeway
where the Eramosa meets the Speed by Gordon Street

Flowers and bugs from the backyard

July 7th.