Monday, December 31, 2012

LX3 Diaries #534: Lights and Cars

Dec 31st.

LX3 Diaries #533: A Memorial to a Bicyclist

On the median/island on the north side of Richmond Street West on University Avenue is one of several memorials of bike riders who have died while riding their bikes in the city. Amidst the culturally-inflicted seasonal celebrations and the self-imposed denials of the transitory nature of our lives, these all-white painted bikes are a stark reminder of how fragile and transient our existence is.
Recognize and count your blessings!
Dec 31st.

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Chalk Chick...

... please think of her this Christmas. Dec 24th.

The Flatiron Building

Toronto. Dec 24th.

Cars and Goblets...

... a study in B&W. Front Street. Dec 24th

iPhone Diaries #526: Skaters

By one's self, in red. Nathan Phillips Square. Dec 24th.

iPhone Diaries #525: Grandmother and Grandchild...

... Nigerian shopkeeper at the St. Lawrence Market. Dec 24th

iPhone Diaries #524: Three New Year's Resolutions:

1. Shoot mostly in aperture priority at f2.
2. learn to ride a unicycle,
3. do more to heal the earth.
Dec 24th.

Merry Christmas!!!

Dec 24th.

man, manhole, and man driving a truck

Dec 24th.

iPhone Diaries #523: last weekend before Christmas...

... and shopping is like walking on an endless uphill treadmill, for some people. Stone Road Mall. Dec 23rd.

iPhone Diaries #522: Saturday morning at the library

Westminster Library. Dec 22nd.

iPhone Diaries #521: X in the sky and a school bus on a rooftop

off of the bumpy Gardiner, through a dirty, smeared Greyhound window. Dec 24th.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jamie con David

I am so very fortunate to have had the pleasure of shooting the video for Jamie and David's Wedding. This is one of those times where all I had to do was to get the camera rolling... Jamie and David just had to be themselves... and themselves they did.
Sony a65, Minolta AF100-200 f4.5.
"Fly Love" by Jamie Foxx