Monday, June 29, 2015

Sony Diaries #796: a sweet find

Picked up this clean, sharp, Canon FD 50f1.4. Great contrast (this latest and last version has superior coatings) and really sweet bokeh. Should go nicely on the A7II with an inexpensive Fotosy adaptor. Sample photos  to come soon. Many, many thanks to Martin for bringing this to my attention.
June 29th.

5 Truths Learned About Photography, by Robin Wong

In spite of the fact that he shoots with Olympus :-), Robin Wong's passion for photography is infectious. His blog is an effective combination of technique and philosophy, photo trouble shooting and life lessons. Here's his latest blog entry, one which I share wholeheartedly. I should also add that the surest sign of competency is being paid for what one does for fun.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Scenes from a BBQ with migrant workers from Simcoe, ON

Clink here for more on Ontario's migrant workers. June 19th.
While there's no doubt that images like these can be captured with any camera in  capable hands (and eyes), I find that the size, heft, and ergonomics (read: customizable buttons) of the A7II is perfect for photo documentaries where one has to be unobtrusive, with the camera being an extension of the eyes and mind, as if there is a direct neural connection from the brain to the camera. I don't think I can obtain the same product using an SLR, not even with the Sony a99, which gets me the same technical results without the fun factor. I have never shot with a rangefinder Leica but I can imagine that the A7II is a  close enough experience. An added bonus is that the Konica Mnolta 28-75f2.8 that I use may be had on kijiji/craigslist/eBay for $300.

Sony Diaries #786: reflections...

through the eyes of a migrant worker from Mexico, Simcoe, ON. July 19th.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sony Diaries #785: St. James Cathedral through a bullet-shattered glass.

June 18th.

Sony Diaries #784: St James Cathedral Centre

Shot with a Sony A7II, Minolta 17-35f2.8-4, NFC'd to Sony xPeria Z3.
June 18th.

Sony Diaries #783: downtown walkabout

 la dolce vita
 Bay Street Wolverine
 Queen Street
 the colours of Italy (or is it of Mexico?)
 it's a nice day for a, white Mercedes
 no Instagram filters necessary here
 see you tomorrow
 I see Jesus
 shoulder bags
Sony A7II, Minolta 50f1.7 @f2, NFC to Sony xPeria Z3, worked on with the default editing tools, and processed for Instagram. July 17th.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sony Diaries (xPeria Z3) #782: red wine shadows

George Restaurant. June 14th.

Sony Diaries (xPeria Z3) #781: chandelier at the Royal York

It seems like the Royal York has hundreds of these in their innumerable ballrooms. June 14th.

Sony Diaries (xPeria Z3) #780: 1954 Rolls Royce

In the backseat of a 1954 Rolls Royce with the groom on his way to the Royal York to meet his wife-to-be. Uniformed, white-haired aged driver with impeccable manners, old leather and over-shellacked wood, musty horse-barn smell, and fogged-up windows on a rainy Sunday in mid-June. Perfect scene for the groom who flew in from Liverpool, via Dubai. June 14th