Friday, October 20, 2017

Sony Diaries #999: Scenes from the 2017 Emma-Rose Gala

2017 Emma-Rose Gala, October 13th.

Sony Diaries #998: Martin Hairer, Mathematician

It was both a pleasure and a privilege to have been asked to photograph Martin Hairer as the Guest Speaker at the 2017 Fields Institute Symposium. Martin Hairer is a mathematician who seems to have a direct channel of communication with an other worldly intelligence, on the same level as Beethoven, Newton, Mozart. 
I don't understand the mathematics part of these talks but I can comprehend the real world applications of these concepts. This is best explained in Quanta Magazine. Delivered by a genuinely nice, approachable, self-effacing guy, his talk was at once incomprehensible and soothing.

The next day, Hairer gave a talk to students of Mathematics, from high schoolers to university professors.
held informal chats
The whole evening's energy was fuelled by the food of choice of mathematicians: pizza!
October 2017