Friday, March 21, 2014

Affordable 4K

Edited without any video re-compression. Shot at 30fps, 4K (XAVC S UHD).
 High contrast outdoor scenes, indoor low-light scenes. Fountains, goldfish, a snake, lizards, flowers, dinosaurs, children, scenic buildings, people, bicycles.
 Shutter-priority mode, with plenty of use of ND filters. Manual audio (stereo). Audio converted from PCM to AAC.
 First hour with camera. Windy day shakes the camera in some outdoor scenes.
 The original 4K uploaded video can be downloaded.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lovely('s) Debut

They call her "Lovely" because she is. Celebrating her 18th birthday with family and  friends in the traditional Filipino way: a coming-of-age celebration for young women reaching the age of 18, complete with her own hand-picked entourage of 18 individuals or multiples sets of 18 (9 males and 9 females).

A break from winter at the Goldie Mill

It's been a miserable winter; a seemingly endless cycle of snow and damp sub-sub-zero temperatures. So it came as a relief to have a day like last Tuesday, March 11. Blue sky and +7 Celsius. The birds were out, the snow was melting, the Speed River was flowing. Ducks were on the water, and geese were honking their way  north. Children from the area Spring-Break programs were out sloshing through the puddles,some sans winter parkas
Winter came back with a vengeance the next day. March 12th.saw up to 20 cm of snow, minus 20 Celsius, and howling winds as a storm from the U.S. Midwest made its way up on its way to the Maritimes.
This video is an effort (and a joy) to preserve a sliver of sunshine.
Sony HXR-NX30, Manfrotto MVM500A monopod, edited in Premiere Pro CS6. Music by Stephan Grapelli, "Time After Time".
Special thanks to Liam, for being my 3rd and 4th eyes.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

For those born in the 60's and 70's, and growing up in the Philippines:

Kitchener/Waterloo's very own CKWR FM98.5
CKWR FM98.5 is a community-owned, non-profit radio station that is available online, to be appreciated around the world. Donations and gifts are most welcome!

Monday, March 10, 2014

"Grim Jim": Android app by Tomas Baena

The Emma-Rose Gala photos

Born April 15, 2002, Emma-Rose Grenon-Lemaitre is a special little girl who touches your heart no matter who you are or what you believe in. In her toddler years, her parents, Jim and Carole, noticed a different course to her growth and development than their older daughter, Adele, who is now 14. After many intuitive visits to various medical professionals, Emma-Rose was diagnosed, at 21 months of age, with a terminal disease identified as Hurler Syndrome (MPS I).This was not an expected life path for the Grenon-Lemaitre family, as this disease would force them into a new world, that of the unknown, that of no cure. As devastating as this disease is, and with its poor outcome, Jim, Carole, Adele and Emma-Rose are an inspiration to all of us. Their journey is of appreciation of life, of thankfulness to all who touch their hearts, and of gratitude to those who continue to support them through thick and thin.Today, Emma-Rose is 11 years old and lives with her family in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The overwhelming pressure on the family pushed them to sell their house in Markham, Ontario and move to Quebec in the summer of 2009. There, they have been closer to their extended family, especially during the hardship that is awaiting them in the years to come. 
2013 Emma-Rose Photos Here

Friday, March 7, 2014

"there's a new app in town, everybody's talking 'bout the new app in town…"

App created in 48 hrs using data from the government as part of the "Canadian Open Data Experience" Challenge. Available for the Blackberry Z10 and Q10. Co-creators: Tomas Baena,  Don Miguel, Ian Li.
Other apps by Tomas Baena here. 
Lumberjack Game for Android coming March 15th, for iOS, a bit later.