Saturday, December 22, 2018

Sony Diaries #1023: Kensington Market Winter Solstice Festival

Billed as a celebration of "the return to warmth and light in the heart of Kensington Market over the Winter Solstice", the parade features decorated revelers, hand-made lanterns, roving giant puppets, stilted dancers, assorted  musical entertainment, tented theatrical shadow play, fire breathers, and thousands of enthusiastic parade participants.
The parade moves like an organic mass, squeezed and hemmed in by the eclectic shops on Augusta, from Oxford Street down to Dundas Street. Lanterns are on sale for 15$ each, in support of the local arts scene.
Shot with a Sony A7III, Sigma 35F1.4, Sigma 50F1.4 (both alpha-mounts using an LA EA3 adaptor). Shot mostly at ISO12800.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sony Diaries #1022: Scenes out of the water at a Swim Meet

 cheering on your clubmates
 wishing each other good luck
 waiting your turns on the starters' blocks
 pre-meet warm-up
 killing time waiting waiting for a specific event
 warm-down pool
 catching up on social media
 finding a spot to relax between events
 passing snacks to race officials
 post-race consult with your coach
tense moments

Sony Diaries #1021: The power and majesty of the Butterfly (Fly)

Considered by many coaches and swimmers as the most difficult stroke, there is nothing better to watch than a Fly swimmer with flawless technique, making a demanding stroke look easy. Arguably the best swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps made the Fly his bread-and-butter stroke; he still holds the 200M record. I think the Fly can be most appreciated when seen from all 4 sides of the pool, as opposed to the backstroke that is best viewed from the stands, the higher the elevation, the better. 
2018 Dash For Cash, University of Guelph