Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Any subject matter is bloggable...

I came across this blog by a collection of inveterate aficionados of broken umbrellas. They also welcome submissions from the umbrellarazzi for "carnage photos" involving umbrellas!
The compulsion to blog is explored by Micha Hilliard in this short video, Portrait of a Blogger: Monsieur Croche.
Blogging "allows me to think of a sentence for a long time, how to formulate it... when I'm in a conversation with someone, then I don't have as much time... and I can't formulate a thought as eloquently... as when I am writing on my blog".

Portrait of a Blogger: Monsieur Croche from Micha Hilliard on Vimeo.

A short film that chronicles his experience of a blog and the blogger behind it.
[Filmed on January 14, 2011]


  1. Thanks for sharing my film. I like your blog!

  2. Thanks Micha! I love what you do and your work is very inspirational. I have some little projects on social issues and I appreciate videos such as yours that teach!