Thursday, November 5, 2009

my posting on dpreview re my beloved Olympus system

It's been an intense relationship and it will soon be over. It's not the Oly, (here's goes the proverbial...) it's me.

A month ago, my 5D died (shutter death) in the middle of a wedding shoot. Reluctantly, I reached for my seldom used 40D. I sent off the 5D for a shutter replacement ($348CDN, not a bad deal at all!). Having more weddings already booked, I had to have another FF body and there wasn't a brand new 5D to be had. So I went ahead and bought a 5DMk2.

(One can argue the merits of using a 4/3rds vs FF...I personally don't mind using my E-3 for weddings but the studio I work for will only accept FF, or at the very least, a D300-class camera).

So now, I have to have the funds for the 5DMk2. With much reluctance and going through the mental gymnastics of rationalizing my decision (it's not that pretty, it's not that good in low light, etc), I went ahead and posted my system on Craigslist (E-3, FL50, 11-22, 14-54, 50-200).

I will however, hang on to my E-1 and E-330. The IQ of these cameras is not reflected in their selling price!

For bio-medical purposes, I have been using the E-3 (with a Metz 15-MS-1) with it's live-view and articulating LCD. I've been looking at a replacement, particularly the Canon G11 with it's articulating LCD and macro capabilities.

I will miss my Oly!

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