Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shooting a wedding.... as a guest.

Kamal and Lamis' wedding on June 30th, in London, ON. This is the first wedding in years that I have  attended as a guest. Throughout these years, I have taken scores of weddings as a photographer, for both my business as well as (mostly) for Boston Avenue Weddings.
Initially, it was excruciatingly painful to keep still and not be involved in capturing key moments during the day. It was like, "there's a shot...there's a shot... what the hell is the photographer doing... where is he for that shot...." 
Not too long into the day, I started to feel great as a guest and it was a lot of fun soaking in the good will that pervades these happy events.
I did bring a small camera to shoot with, but as a guest, one is constricted in two ways: one's movements and the lack of the proper photo tools.
All in all, I wish I had more weddings to attend to as a guest.
I have a wedding to shoot this Saturday at the Toronto Hunt Club. This will be a more familiar Saturday territory.
Photos taken with a Sony NEX 5N at ISO 3200, cropped down to 1/3 of the whole image, 18-55.

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