Wednesday, March 24, 2010

iPhone Diaries #72: "Serena Ryder"

Serena Ryder at the River Run Centre, Guelph. March 24, 2010. Amazing, animated performance by Serena, fresh from her appearance in Vancouver for both the 2010 Winter Olympics and the Paralympics version. Opening act was Royal Wood, by himself worth the price of admission. An excellent and unforgettable night out for the whole family.

Serena is akin to the older daughter who's visiting home from college, who's wild and wise somewhere else but keeps a lid on things when she's with her folks. And the parents know it (after all, they were young once) but are just glad she's home and looks happy. And ocassionally, she'll let slip something like saying under her breath, "fuckin' microphone". On stage, at the River Run Centre, Serena kept it contained!

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