Sunday, November 21, 2010

Goodbye Full Frame, Hello APS-C

Fell in love with the 60D, sold my 5D2.
I was an early advocate of full frame (FF) sensors (I had one of the first 5D1s in Canada, Oct 2005...had to be shipped in from the U.S.). There's nothing like big deep wells to soak in the light. Smooth and creamy tones, with a dynamic range previously unheard of. I went through two shutters on that 5D1. Sold the 5D1 for a 5D2.
And now the 60D. Articulating screen, clean ISO1600 files, manual audio for video, 24P, 30P, 720-60P, full HD, and way better low-light AF than the 5D2. Less expensive and lighter lenses.
I always knew that FF was overkill for shooting weddings and events ( 2005, the alternative was a 10MP camera with a rudimentary processing engine). Kind of like the old days of having to get a 5.0L V8 Mustang because size was equated with speed and power.
Nowadays, current APS-C cameras such as the D7000, K-5, T2i, E-5 have finely tuned processing engines and  highly-developed sensors...kind of  the equivalent of 1.8L 4-cylinder Acuras that will leave Mustangs and Corvettes behind. 
Of course, finances is always a concern. I got a relatively inexpensive Tokina 11-16f2.8 and a Tamron 17-50F2.8; both lenses are super-sharp (with just a touch of chromatic aberration on the wide-end on the Tokina at f2.8). A bonus is that the lighter weight of these lenses help alleviate the occasional bout of sciatica.
So goodbye full frame, hello APS-C!

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