Thursday, December 9, 2010

iPhone Diaries #272: "Cold ducks on a frozen lake, on being creative and the futility of it all"

It's a slow drive along Lakeshore West (Jameson Bridge still undergoing renovation) and Lake Ontario looks frozen still in this -15 Celsius morning. Might as well get off the road and spend a few minutes to take in the view.
And then you notice these ducks, lots of them, hardly moving, seemingly immobilized by the cold, the lake not quite frozen.
And this got me to thinking about what we are all about, in a cosmic sense... the absurdity of our existense. Sure, we can delude ourselves on our self-importance (religion), and immerse ourselves narcissistically in the minutae of our daily lives (and tell the world about it on Facebook). Unfortunately, as a group, we will focus our attention on the supposed failings of others, in order to deflect attention away from our own inadequacies.
We all try not to look at the big picture...we purposely subconsciously miss the forest for the trees. Because if we really look at the forest, I'm afraid we will see that we are not that important in the whole scheme of things.
You know what will make us feel good about ourselves? How does one attain some measure of significance in this huge void? I would guess by being nice and kind to our fellow denizens! By  rejoicing in the small victories that come with raising families and on personal, work, and school achievements, no matter how small! By taking in and appreciating the beauty around us!  By being  creative!
The Toronto skyline as seen from Lakeshore near Ellis. Dec 9th.

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