Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SIMP Alert #6: "Vanity's cost"

Stupid, Idiotic, Moronic, and Pathetic... all at the same time:
Setting aside for a moment the validity of the claims for this beauty cream (I'd love to see the magic it does on the leathery skin of a Tibetan villager, exposed to the cold dry winds and the unforgiving sun at high altitudes), who pays $600 for 30 mls of anything
Oh wait, there are exceptions such as a tiny disk of strontium isotopes for cancer research or high grade bull semen for the dairy industry. Or, $600 split 24 ways could go towards empowering 24 women with a microloan of $25 each. See  http://www.kiva.org/ 
(Sold at one of the most upscale establishments in Toronto.) 
Snake oil, anyone?

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