Friday, June 10, 2011

2 hours before shooting a wedding video

It's 2 hours before the start of my very first wedding DSLR video shoot and these are very anxious moments. It's not because I fear not having a product to deliver, it's that I'm afraid the product won't be as good as what I'd like it to be. Overdosing on close to 200 videos by stillmotionblog on their vimeo site makes for an extreme case of inferiority complex. Hanging heavily on my mind is the fact that I am a one-camera shooter (literally) with the barest of equipment (see my blog entry: The Challenge: to shoot a wedding video...

I guess I'll have to play to my strengths, and that is as a Stills photographer. Capture as many "stills-in-motion" as possible and cook up (edit) a decent meal from these ingredients. 

Stay tuned...

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