Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A study in contrasts: a warm holiday dinner for the 99% and an ad for the 1%

I have just come back from shooting Stills and Video, part 2 in a series of 3 Holiday Dinners for the Toronto Mission City, whose purpose and vision is to transform at-risk communities. "Concepts" such as sharing, giving, appreciation of the small things in life, and a sense of community, are still fresh in my mind.
I unwind by reading the paper and this is what I see:
Selected phrases from a full-page back page ad (read: expensive!) in the Saturday Globe and Mail for a condo development with individual units in the million+ $$ price range. The copy writer must have had a field day!
why is it "instinctively home"? 
 what about common sense? what about scientific reasoning? what about financial reality?
 ... and not with the sweaty, smelly masses?
 but this "home" screams "I am filthy rich!"
 like a plain-looking Rolls Royce,
 what exactly does this mean? tender ratios? 
 a building that promises a religious experience?
are we all driven to belong to the 1%?
obviously... not unlike our instinct for a full stomach, our instinct for a warm bed...
East-end London European? Athens European? Bucharest European? Marseille European? Sarajevo European? or is it a cozy, "familiar" Hallmark card  mish-mash of Paris, London, Milan, and Vienna?

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