Friday, December 7, 2012

Atmospheric, languid, and flary: nice videos by QBeta Studios

It seems to me that quite a few high quality video studios come from the Philippines. Lightshapers Photography Studios is one of them. They advertise themselves as :
"Two people in-love with videography..and each other. We love dynamic compositions, slow motions, bokeh and flares. We love to experiment. We are agrresive in styling and color grading. We love videos that gives us goosebumps, and make us go wow, and make us cry..all at the same time. And we seek to make you feel the same way everytime we do yours. :)"
I love this latest upload...
It's like fine Swiss chocolates for the soul... the taste sensation lingers in the mind...

Franz n Micki // Save the Date from QBeta Studios on Vimeo.


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  2. This is not QBETA STUDIOS - This is LIghtshapers Photography Studio.

  3. My mistake and I'm sorry if I caused any misunderstanding. I have since changed the text above. Videos such as this and the many others you shoot is a team effort and you should all be proud of your work!