Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I "discovered" Carlos Fuentes late last year and since then, I can't get enough of his works. I read him slowly and I reread passages over and over again because his writing is so vivid, complex and nuanced at the same time .... as if I'm there. The Philippines doesn't have any writers like Fuentes, at least nobody since Jose Rizal in the late 1800's. His subject matter is so much like the environment and the people where I come from, and his stories are like what the older generations from my province (Negros Oriental) speak of... the influence of the Church and its superstitions over a Spanish-and-mestizo-controlled society, the corruption,  the heat, the heat and humidity in the night, the passions, the cruelty, the kindness, the subtle power women have over men, etc.
Sad to see him pass away but he led a very full life and accomplished life and I have already picked up a few of his books from my local used-bookstores. 

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