Friday, June 15, 2012

KANTO: Fine Filipino Cuisine

Once in awhile, you come across a real find: a gem in the rough, a delicious treat with a unique ambience, excellent value for your money.
Kanto's website says it better than I could:
"Kanto will be showcasing Philippine cuisine with emphasis on street food as if you were in the Philippines.Live Local Marketplace in Scadding Court Community Center has revolutionized street food in Toronto. The community has set-up food stalls made from refurbished shipping containers and still following Toronto public health's guidelines. There's a variety of food from different cultures which are local, fresh and very inexpensive.Kanto literally means "corner". It is at the corner of Bathurst and Dundas.
Kanto is a division of Tita Flips and basically is a storefront at the moment where clients can drop by and get food readily available from our regular menu and daily specials.Kanto could also mean: "Kain na Toronto" (means Eat, Toronto!)Kain na sa Kanto!"
 refurbished shipping containers
 Diona with the Philippine flag
 I recommend everything, with special emphasis on the "halo-halo" and "palabok"
 street ambience: people, diesel fumes, and all
What the website doesn't tell you is that Diona has a genuine smile that greets you as if you've known her all your life! Here is Diona with her work of art: the pedestrian halo-halo transformed into a work of art!
(Check out the schematics poster of her halo-halo in the background wall)
many thanks to Ann Gagno for making me aware of Kanto!

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