Monday, November 5, 2012

The U.S. election, blogging as an inspired exercise, and a study in Birches.

I haven't been able to significantly blog in the last 4 weeks: acute bronchitis and work pressures have taken up most of my mental space. In addition, the political and activist animal in me has been been caught up in the U.S. elections.  As a non-U.S. citizenship, I can't vote but the issues discussed and ignored  (climate change is conspicuous by its non-mention)  have engaged me like never before.
I'm just now getting back into the rhythm of blogging, which always starts with observing my environment with an open mind.
Birches have fascinated me since I laid eyes on Ansel Adam's work as well as living in Caledon, with its woods and open fields. A lone birch is interesting but the addition of each tree to a grove leads to an exponential increase in fascination.
Guelph Arboretum Nov 4th.

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