Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Sony Diaries #1: An Overview on the Joys of using a Sony

This is the first entry on a new blog series relating my ongoing experience as a Sony (Alpha SLTs, for now) user. Since my switch from Canon (5D2, 60D, L lenses) to Sony almost two years ago, it's been a positive experience, with a very few exceptions. I use Nikons on my 9-5 job, and I get to use a Canon 5D2 occasionally. For my personal commercial and industrial assignments, weddings and events, for both Stills and Video, I use the Sony a57, a65, and a99.
Amongst my community of photographers, in the press scrums that I attend, in the local parks where wedding formals are taking place, and even in the forums that I log on to, the professional who uses a Sony (a professionals someone who gets paid to do something) is a rarity. Almost all use either Nikons and Canons. This is understandable, as the Canikon heritage is vibrant and reliable, with a supply and support structure that has few comparisons in equivalent industries (think Boeing and Macdonnell-Douglas for airplanes, Apple and Samsung in smartphones).
I switched to Sony for one reason: the promise of continuous auto focus in video mode (albeit at f3.5 maximum opening). Very shortly thereafter, I realized the joys of the OLED EVF and screen (now indispensable for me), and the myriad other features that make my Sony truly an artist's tool, an  extension of my mind, an appendage that does what my eyes and mind wills it to do.
It's been said that converts are the most ardent proselytizers; I am an unapologetic one. 

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