Thursday, September 5, 2013

the wedding ceremony

Video-shooting solo is not an easy thing to do; I always say never again after each outing. Having done 4 of these shoots makes me a masochist, I guess. What makes these shoots worthwhile is the atmosphere of joy inherent in these occasions. Shooting weddings, whether for Stills or for Video, is an addictive experience. There's the adrenaline rush in anticipation of the shoot and the euphoria experienced with every image or video clip taken, like a hunter who finds and bags previsualized images.
What makes a one-man video shoot very challenging is the fact that one has to shoot from different perspectives, i.e., make it look like more than one camera was employed at the same time.
All weddings are the same, and all weddings are unique.
Stephanie and Tayfun's wedding will be an unforgettable one for me. It makes you believe in the notion of soulmates, of people meant to be together, for all time. It rekindles the feeling of being young and full of promise, of facing life's challenges with a partner. I see their beaming proud and dignified parents and I see Stephanie and Tayfun's friends and classmates who will be vibrant in their chosen fields of endeavour.
Without sounding sappy and melodramatic, amid the sad and terrible news all around us, this wedding, this gathering, makes you believe once again of hope.
note: I make no apologies for the glitzes in this video. My mind is hard-wired for shooting Stills and shooting video is a struggle for me. Like I have said, this is it for me. But then sometimes, one gets asked to shoot a wedding video, and once again, I have to go with my gut instinct, which sometimes will tell me "yes".

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