Saturday, December 21, 2013

iPhone Diaries #659: Gerry's back: ye olde tyme barber is here to stay

Vince's Barber Shop, Guelph. Dec 21st.
Gerry is a 70-something barber, comfortable in retirement, who drops in to help out at Vince's Barber Shop here in Guelph. He has the two qualities necessary for a great barber: steady hands and a great listener. On the subject of barbers, I believe that this trade will last and endure through all the technological innovations and revolutions and evolutions that we will go through. There will always be a need for #1's and #2's. Bakers, Brewers, Undertakers, Prostitutes.... add Barbers to the list. Prostitutes and Barbers are the only trades that don't require technological innovations.
Vince's was started by Vince, and now his son Rob is following in his footsteps, or should I say, handmoves. Until they develop an app for it, barbers are here to stay!

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