Thursday, January 23, 2014

iPhone Diaries #665: WTF on the grocery aisles

Overprocessed, salt-laced, and overpriced baby food. And over packaged! You pay $1.29 for $0.10 worth of nutrition. AND, and this borders on the criminal, you are left with packaging that will cost you tax dollars to dispose of,  burden landfills and endanger the health of later generations. Certainly, we are ravaging the land, building more pipelines, and enduring train derailments and pipeline leaks, poisoning the land/air/oceans in the extraction, transport, refining, and transport again, of hydrocarbons.
All because we are too lazy to mash the carrots and peas and bananas with a spoon, too unempathic and self-centred to think that the cancers ravaging our children and neighbours are a result of our damaged environment, and too stupid to even take the time to think that the mountain tsunamis killing hundreds in the Himalayas, and the killer typhoons decimating cities, are a result of global warming. 
Zehr's, Guelph. January 22nd.

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