Thursday, April 3, 2014

The end of DSLRs for wedding videography

I can see the Sony AX100 replacing the DSLR for wedding videography. As in NOW!  For sheer functionality, the videocamera form factor beats a DSLR. Shallow DOF is the only DSLR advantage left; but even this is nullified by proper framing and composition (and wide-open at longer focal lengths), along with the 1" sensor. AX100 has a 1" sensor (excellent low light capability based on the few initial tests so far, on YouTube and on Vimeo), FULL manual controls, no downsampling (as opposed to DSLRs), superior IS, superior audio, full/manual focus, etc. 
Give me one of these babies and a regular 1080p cam for B-roll and I am good to go. You heard it here first!

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