Friday, October 24, 2014

iPhone Diaries #724: On Agendas, Hidden or otherwise

I was standing in line at Subway an hour ago,  thoughts of current events, random thoughts running through my head. Believe it or not, 4 customers ahead of me was a man ordering a six-inch sub with all the toppings (fair enough) and ALMOST ALL the sauces available piled into a dripping soggy mess. Eyes rolling all around. Right in front of me was this ad:
that little tetra pack of apple juice and handful of chips will supply a few days supply of sugar and sodium in  5-minute break. The apple is in there so truth in advertising may be claimed.
Everyone has an agenda. Food processing giants have to sell food products, nutritionists have to have jobs (our parents' and their parents before them) never had nutritionists: they ate what was available and what felt good. Business people have an agenda, our managers have agendas, heck, even our mothers have their own agendas.
Back to current events. Our politicians are not always successful at hiding their agendas. Multiple news sources, social networks, and the capacity of almost everyone to be heard allows for hidden agendas to be discovered. At the same time, this multiplicity of voices results in a fog of noise that can hide an agenda.
Enter Russell Brand.
I honestly don't know what his agenda is (to sell his latest book, perhaps) but whatever it is, his passion for political and humanitarian issues and the risks he takes to his career (and his livelihood) and his very life is very impressive. Altruism comes to mind. An altruistic  medical person will work with Meds Sons Frontieres;  Russell Brand employs  his comedic sense of the absurd and laser-like truth vision to bring a different take on the Ottawa shooting.

Take that Fox News! Take that CNN! Take that everybody else!

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