Monday, February 9, 2015

the Art in videography

There are a-thousand-and-one ways to edit a video, simply by playing around with one of the following: grading, audio, and choice of clips. Play around with more than 1 and the potential finished choices explodes exponentially.
I came across this quote from Kirk Tuck's blog, which nicely sums up a dilemma when it comes to video and video editing. His words were meant for Stills photography but it is even more pertinent for videography:
"We spend time finding our subjects. We spend time figuring out what the composition should be, how to deal with the light, how and when to shoot. How to process. How to display or share. It's easy to let the process create its own roadmap for you. The nature of art is to fight against the comfort zone enough to make the images work. 
Sometimes we fail and sometimes we succeed and sometimes there is middle ground. That's the nature of doing a process that's always open to interpretation."

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