Tuesday, September 15, 2015


So here it is.
As much as we’d want to, not everything and everyone iconic to Negros is included in this video. Given the short amount of time, it was just not possible. For now, at least.
But what a beautiful island, really.
We offer this prayer for each and every Negrense. Adopted sons and daughters of the land, included.
Para sa inyo ang ini nga pag-ampo. Ilabi na guid kay Gov., nga may utang nga burger sa amon.

Produced by The Province of Negros
In cooperation with The Association of Negros Producers
Filming & Post Production: Grilled Cheese Studios
Project Coordinator: Stephanie Hilado - Lindaya
Babaylan & Voice Talent: Louie Dormido
English Translation: Jack Trino
Music: "Rising Fire" by The Uncaged Sea
Licensed through The Music Bed

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