Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sony Diaries #963: cell phone shots on a Tuesday night

The unaided eye would just see a white orb with a darker halo on a high humidity night with the temperature just over 0 Celsius. There was enough ambient city light scattered by the moisture in the air to make for a lit night in the park. Melted snow from the previous night's dusting stood out against the the dark brown grass. It wasn't a pitch-black night. 
This shot illustrates the advanced sensor technology in today's cell-phones, as well as it's processing power (native + Instagram). Here you see the sensor grasping to capture  whatever photon is in the sky. But it's not all technology; the photographer still has to pick one or two options from the hundreds available to showcase his/her vision.
The result is a painterly Van Gogh'ish benevolent moon  over a small city  setting, the lights indicating human existence. It's surreal that this is the same moon over Lebanon, and Syria, Iraq, and Nigeria.
Rhodie, the Rhodesian Ridgeback on the first landing up the stairs, lit by a solitary table lamp, waiting for us to get in bed, so he can take up his disproportionate space.

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