Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sony Diaries #975: cellphone shots from the last 3 days

 Priorities: ridiculously cheap Pelee Pebbles Vidal wine and pricey (but excellent value) Sony A7II
 5 days worth of paper from 1 household, half of it unsolicited flyers... All of it are, or should be by now, available online. (Globe and Mail comes free from next door, shared). As for flyers and coupons,ring on digital coupons!
 big lug in bed, on a sleeping-in Sunday morning

this begs the question, "what else is he great enough at to win?"

shadows of sunflower stalks on grass, the green showing as the sun melts away the morning's frost

 frost on an oak leaf
 late November morning sun, Macalister Park.

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