Sunday, February 14, 2016

and when I go...

there will be no prayers for my soul
there will be no intermediaries for a safe passage
there will be no sadness and grief
cry if you must because you will miss me
but don't grieve because I won't see the sun anymore
it is what it is
no regrets

have a party in my name 
have some wine and beer and a joint
celebrate my sons and what they have become
I am very proud of them
it has been a privilege to see them grow up
enjoy the one thing I was really good at
taking photos

I am sorry if I have offended anyone but if it helps 
I am  a better person because of these transgressions
I am grateful for those who have had an impact on me
Roman, Ben, Tomas, Belen, Imelda, Liam
but above all
to the one who has made all the difference in my world
February 14th

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