Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sony Diaries #946: Orioles

A huge Thank You to Mary for bringing Orioles to our backyard! It takes patience and no doubt some psychic energy/communication to reach out to these creatures.
Attracting Orioles to one's feeder is facilitated if one's yard backs into the woods of poplar, willow, and similar woods. Leafy deciduous trees and shrubs offer shelter. Orioles prefer to stay on the edges of these woods for safety, carefully venturing into open spaces that afford food.
Mary started in late spring of last year to lure Orioles to an Oriole feeder: a bright red-orange unit with  dishes  for grape jelly and a holder for half an orange. It is commonly known that Orioles are attracted to their own colours. We may have attracted 1 bird that first year. This year, the feeder was out in late March and the Orioles showed up in late April. A female showed up first, followed by several males. 
May 14th.

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