Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sony Diaries #955: Images from my man-cave

My go-to place for some peace and quiet, to smoke my pipe, to glance through the weekend flyers, to stare at nothing, to let the mind wander, to do what some would call meditate, is a spot in my garage, against the wall with the front end of the car to my left, and the small chest freezer to my tight. I sit on a  small lawn chair that is a marvel of design,probably costs $4.99 at Canadian Tire. I am surrounded by bicycles on racks on the walls, fishing poles, garden implements, house painting tools, pots and pans, camping gear, biking gear, outdoor boots, water bottles, a kayak, ladders, a 100+year-old hutch, a mini-loom, a cedar chest that has travelled from Eastern Europe in the late 1940's, filled with children's sweaters that will still smell of my boys long after they will have their own boys. It is a clean garage, smelling of sweet earth, lawnmower gas, and cold concrete. The air is fresh because of the slow draft coming in through the bottom of the garage door. 
These are some of sights I can see from where I am seated.
 car headlamp
 mini loom
 chicken wire
 favourite cap
 car front
dead bugs under the lights

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