Sunday, November 6, 2016

previsualizing an image + good timing

Last night while shooting a wedding at Hart House, University of Toronto, on my way to the car (to grab my monopod), I came across the War Memorial lit up with a melancholy glow. I raised my cell phone (LG G5), set to 16x9 to capture the scene. It had been set to sepia for a previous photo and just as I was about to change it back to normal colour, a group of students walk across my field of view in silhoutte. Something clicked subliminally and what happens oftentimes is that a fully developed image develops in the brain  so quickly there isn't time to process it for articulation. One just has to go with the flow and go with the image, not exactly knowing how it will turn out. The image was that of weary soldiers with knapsacks, bowed down with the rigours of war, the sepia hinting of the past. The good timing involved some luck in that since a cellphone is not as responsive as a regular camera, I just had to hope that the the front person would be exactly dead centre when I clicked the shutter.
For more on this War Memorial check it out here.
Meanwhile, back at the wedding earlier, a harpist was entertaining the crowd.

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