Sunday, June 13, 2010

iPhone Diaries #157: "Two wedding shooters, and making the most out of an iPhone photo"

My sister had asked me how I manage to get such "sharp" iPhone images. I interpret "sharp images" as the sum of good composition and the use of photo-techniques appropriate to the image. Technically, the iPhone has a unique sensor, wonderful and gifted in its own way but severely inferior and lacking in features in comparison to even the cheapest point-and-shoot digicam.

The images coming straight out of the camera do not always reflect the "potential" of the images. An image taken under ideal conditions, especially even lighting, will always look good. It's another story under very low-light situations.
Below are samples of before-and-after photos taken last night at a wedding. Just before wrapping it up for the night, one of the bridesmaids asked if she could take photos of myself and my colleague, using her camera. We said sure, but only if she could also take a similar photo of us using my iPhone.

Frontal lighting was almost nonexistent, with dim yellowish backlighting.

The images are full-frame, processed in-camera using PS Mobile (iPhone app from Adobe

Andrew Pateras ( and myself. Diehard Canon users. Photos by Nancy Chung at the Liberty Grand, Centennial Ballroom. 9:45 pm, June 12th. Photos by Nancy Chung.

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