Sunday, June 27, 2010

notable comment re. G20 protests

If people would only allow themselves to get off the view from the ground floor (burning shops and looted stores...sad and tragic for the owners, I agree), and get on to the penthouse and take a wide and far-ranging global view of the world's current situation, this comment from flea39 of Miami, Florida, bears listening to...

Congratulation to Canada for protesting! You still have a sound economy and no government debt unlike the US yet you are protesting already, before they trash you also. In the US we have had our economy crippled. They exported the 20 dollar and hour factory jobs to China and replaced them with jobs at Walmart so they can make more money. Then the Banks paid off both parties to let them rape the American people and they did. Then the collapse came and the government gave them more of our money. Now we have an economy based on consumer spending with credit that doesn't exist and jobs that aren't enough to maintain it. Our government is 14 trillion in debt and we'll be facing austerity programs like Greece in 5 years. Yet our president spends 5 trillion in two years saving the economy and giving health care to all. That's after Bush put 5 trillion on our credit card for two stupid wars in the mid east to protect Israel and oil. That is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE these people in black burning police cars in view of the elite hotels containing the G20 peeps.

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Just one more perspective from a multi-dimensional issue.

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