Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Open letter to the makers of Audi and BMW cars

Dear Automakers,
It seems your dashboard design is lacking in one area: the appropriate location and placement of your turn-signal lever/button. It seems that the drivers of almost all Audis, and to a lesser extent, BMWs, have a difficult time finding it when they should be using it. 
As well, please take out the SOE* button on your cars; at least disable it on cars destined for leasing.
Many thanks!
(I drive an entry-level Nissan Versa who puts in a combined city/highway daily average of 200 km and I see a lot of cars on the road; clearly the observation above is not derived solely from anecdotal sources.)
* SOE (Sense of Entitlement): comes as an option on higher-priced automobiles.

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