Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aljazeera on the iPhone

"Discovered" the Aljazeera iPhone app (free from the iTunes Store). Excellent global coverage, balanced reporting and high production values place this network on the same elevated status as the BBC (Great Britain), Deutsche Welle (Germany), and the CBC (Canada), imho. Provides a much needed balance to the North American diet of the three networks and CNN. Supplies the news from both a global (read: non-American) perspective as well as from a Middle Eastern perspective, which is sorely lacking in North America (well, it's there but it requires a bit more effort to access).
Much like the BBC, Deutsche Welle, and the CBC, Aljazeera seems emphatic in its content and delivery, in sharp contrast to the North American tendency to  engage in navel-gazing narcissism. 

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