Saturday, January 14, 2012

"je ne sais quoi"

Je ne sais quoi aptly describes that "certain something", that certain something that can only be French... I'm referring to a package that we got in the mail from my sister in Paris, France. A package of Hediard chocolates, a red-and-black ribboned box of Gallic elegance. A whiff of fresh cacao combined with antique-looking hand-made brown nuggets, some sprinkled with what looks like flakes of gold greets your senses, and in the late afternoon sun of a Canadian January winter, memories of a certain Parisian summer come to mind.
In comparison to Hediard, Laura Secord is so pedestrian, Godiva is too cute-pretentious, Lindt is too perfect, Toblerone is industrial-strength boring,  and anything North American is so, well, forgettable.

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