Friday, January 27, 2012

Why wedding photography costs the way it does!

A bride from Puget Sound, Seattle, posted this on craigslist, wondering why photography costs the way it does. (as it appeared in
Here is  response to the craigslist posting from Nikki Wagner, a photographer from Erie, Pennsylvania.
Here is my own pricing strategy and why it is lower than most other photographers.
Not even taking into account the unquantifiable (in money terms) talent, energy, and artistry that goes into creating the images that you'll have for the rest of your lives, today's digital weddings require equipment (cameras, computers, hosting service, etc) that doesn't come cheap!


  1. WHY ARE FERRARIS SO DAMN EXPENSIVE?! WHY CAN'T HONDA MAKE A CIVIC WITH THE SAME PERFORMANCE OF A FERRARI?! WHY DOES THE MANUFACTURER OF FERRARI THINK THEY CAN CHARGE 4 YEARS WORTH OF WAGE?! I don't think this woman has any credibility on suggesting the price of a wedding photog... this is why she is posting anonymous pissy rants on craigslist.

    1. some couples go all out on a bus limo and skimp on the photography (it's mostly to show off to the guests).
      some couples spend a lot on a chocolate fountain when the money could go to a second photographer.
      couples have to remember that "if it's not in pictures/video, it never happened!