Monday, July 2, 2012

My two favourite soccer journalists!

It takes a writer of Cathal Kelly's (The Toronto Star) imagination to associate a unique Spanish tradition, bullfighting, with the unique Spanish style of playing soccer, tika-taka, characterized by short passing and movement, always maintaining possession. I  look forward to his columns, because each one always presents an otherwise pedestrian report into a very short story, with glimpses into how a moment in time (90 minutes or so of sports) fits into the general consciousness.
For me, John Doyle (The Globe and Mail) is the master of relating the poetry, the elegance and the majesty, the sublime in the simplicity, in sports played at the highest level. His reporting is always balanced and stays above the level of partisanship. He points out the gems and the flaws without malice. A reader of his columns cannot help but admire his literary gems, week in and week out.

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