Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Artwork in the middle of an abandoned quarry in the Guelph Hills

It is an on old shelter that has been given a makeover. It sits in the old quarry that used to be worked on by the inmates of the long-gone Guelph Reformatory. It is the source of stone for most of the Guelph homes. It sits near the Eramosa River and is accessible from the aptly-named Stone Road. It is a favoured place for folks who feel they don't belong to and not accepted by the rest of society. The sheer cliffs is a favourite for climbers and adventurers. The area is now overgrown with scrub trees but still there remains a haunting presence that demands respect from whomever approaches the area. 
I love this place! 
(A vertically-shot panorama, handheld). June 8th.

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