Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A some kind of wonderful tea place

As I start to write this blog, Michael Buble goes into his rendition of "Some Kind Of Wonderful" and right there is the title for this blog entry.
Situated on a stretch of Wyndham Street  known more for its bars and late night sandwich shops, the street view of bonThePlace shows no indication of what's within. One steps into a serene, austere but colourful-in-a-muted-sense, sweet-smelling place with a calming vibe. To my open mind, I trust my first impressions; I will definitely be back and linger longer.
It is a business, and its business is to sell tea. But just as well, I also get the sense that it exists to spread a philosophy, to set the mind and heart on the path to living a serene life in an often grimy and chaotic world (there is a tea room plus regularly-scheduled classes are offered on the culture of tea).
The photos here do not reflect the ambience and vibes I felt. This is what happens when you're only in a place for 5 minutes! But I will be back!
Aug 6th.

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