Sunday, May 11, 2014

iPhone Diaries #679: Mothers' Day: the Mother of all holidays

If we were allowed only 1 holiday to celebrate for the year, it would have to be Mothers' Day. Mothers' Day celebrates real people who do the actual creating and nurturing, every moment in our lives. This day recognizes the half of the population that earns way less than the other half, the half that suffers disproportionately more in war whilst historically being less prone to violence.
Let us celebrate mothers everywhere. Let us celebrate those who toil in faraway lands so that their families back home can have decent lives. Let us honour those who give up their newborns for adoption so these babies may have a better future. Let us celebrate the surrogate mothers, the "like-a-mother-to-me-aunts", the nurses, the caregivers, the dedicated day-care providers, and all the mothering types everywhere!
I thank the mother of my children for her genetic endowment, for her patience and understanding, for her home-cooked meals, and for providing a balance: the yang to my ying. 
May 10th.

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