Tuesday, May 6, 2014

video setup for a Debut Shoot

A Debut (or Debutante Party), is a Filipino tradition for celebrating a girl's/woman's 18th birthday. Venues and degree of extravagance will vary but one thing is certain: it's a happy occasion with lots of opportunities for shooting video.
For this Debut this past weekend, the venue is the same venue as another Debut party a month earlier. This venue is a converted industrial warehouse, with either sodium arc lamps, or fluorescent tubes, 25 feet  overhead, with no facility for modulation. So it's either full-on, or darkness. Remember, this is a warehouse.
So for this event, the overhead lights are turned off, and the only source of light is a row of spotlights trained on the head table, and the candles on the tables. The resulting high contrast is a  guaranteed video killer. BUT, the shoot must go on.
Below is my setup for this video.
Main cam, a Sony HXR-NX30 with a Sennheiser lav mike, with the transmitter  on a light stand a foot away from a speaker box. The shotgun mike on the main cam has proven itself to, on its own, capture sounds well. This cam is on & off a dolly as needed.
B-cam, a Sony a57 with a Samyang 14f2.8 (21mm with crop factor). Beachtek preamp, RodePro Mic. On a tripod, stationary on one spot for minutes at a time.
Videos to come (and lessons learned) ...

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