Friday, August 8, 2014

a tribute to the people who bring you the news

At 0:45, Barnaby Green talks about the scenes he doesn't film because he knows these will never be shown/published. The print and visual news comes to us in a sanitized, cleaned-up package in bite-sized morsels, good enough to go with our supper-time rituals, easy enough to watch as we sit on our toilets. Anyone with a hint of empathy will be stressed and depressed by what is happening, not just to the Gazans obviously but to the Jews all over the world who suffer acts of violence at the hands of people who use the Israeli attack (this conflict is so asymmetrical that it cannot be justly called a war; rather, it is an assault) as a pretext and as an excuse to commit anti-semitic and racist acts of violence.
We should be grateful for the journalists who put lives on the line to bring us reality. It is up to us bloggers and other users of social media to spread this around. god knows mainstream media serves a master.

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