Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sony Diaries Day 63: Minimalist shooting with the Sony A7II

Here's a sample video of the promising potential that the Sony A7II brings with it. This video was shot handheld to simulate a slider, a steadicam, and a shoulder rig.

This is a real life handheld test of the Sony a7ii. I wanted to see what the 5-axis stabilization is capable of. I did panning/slider shots, rack focus, combinations of both, following shots, and stationary shots. Everything was handheld. Again, this was a real life test: just me, the Sony a7ii and my two boys going on a little hike. Because this was a real life test, in real life I am going to add some stability correction in post, which I did. 
I also wanted to test out the sLog2 or Picture Profile 7. I greatly appreciate that the ISO is now lowered to 1600 from the previous 3200 ISO on the Sony a7s. I am still learning to shoot in this profile so I have a lot to learn and was not able to properly expose my shots. Further, my metabones adaptor wasn't working consistently. It would read the f stop value, and then stop reading it and opening it up. So that left me with shooting a lot a lot wide open at 1.4 which dramatically made if difficult to focus and softened up the image. 
Sony a7ii
Sigma 35mm f/1.4
Metabones EF to E mount adaptor (not the speedbooster)
Edited in Final Cut Pro X using the new Color Finale from ColorGradingCentral.Com
Music from Tony Anderson from The Music Bed.

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