Monday, March 23, 2015

Blackberry Diaries #750: in Praise of Guelph

On a night like this, I am reminded of why we moved to Guelph, and of what a wise decision it was.
It's 9:30 pm and I decide to take Rhodie for a walk/run, not sure how far, we'll see how it goes… after all, it's a pleasant night @ -2Celsius, no wind. My neighbourhood streets are quiet, with the occasional car going just a tad over the 40kph speed limit. Going north on Gordon (morphing from highway to  main street through the middle of Guelph), the streets are well-lit, peopled by University of Guelph students on their last week of studies before final exams. A small chatty crowd at a bus stop, a runner/jogger or two, people say hi.
We get to the shuttered-for-the-winter Boathouse, just past the bridge at the confluence of the Eramosa and the Speed. It's a clear night, but even with the city lights, the stars are out. 
Guelph is a city where one doesn't look over one's shoulder. 

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