Thursday, February 10, 2011

iPhone Diaries #304: "French apples... and why we are doomed as a specie"

You know we are in big trouble when we have to have the year-round availability of food products that have to be trucked-in/flown-in/shipped-in from sources thousands of miles away from us. The carbon footprint of the banana and the pineapple available at our local grocery is stomping the life off of future generations.
You know we are beyond big trouble... we are doomed, when we are not satisfied with 6-10 varieties of apples. We have to have this Honey Crisp apple, grown in France!!! We grow a heck of a lot of apples in Ontario and in the rest of Canada... why do we need apples from France?
This apple was bought at the local Zehr's in Guelph. Feb 10th.

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