Thursday, February 24, 2011

SIMP Alert #2: "Concussions and the NHL"

That the star attraction of the fastest team sport in the world, arguably the best hockey player in the world,  Sidney Crosby, is felled by cheap head shots. It's a long list of players, both current and retired: Marc Savard, Michael Gravoski, Eric Lindros, etc.
That a small group of professionals, 600+ strong, and belonging to the same players' union, can't, or refuse, to follow a "warrior's" code of conduct (banning unnecessary head shots) that is in their best interests. Concussions not only are career-ending events; they also affect quality of life after retirement from the game, which , on average, could be from age 25-40.
That the National Hockey League seems to be not willing to do anything about this epidemic of concussions. A career ending hit may be penalized by either a major penalty or suspension from a few games. It's not exactly an equal trade-off.
That team owners fail to grasp the logic that almost 100% of their assets are made up of their players...
That a whole country (Canada) and a relative handful of Americans and Europeans look up to (by buying tickets and watching ad-driven televised games) these professionals who can't police themselves for their own good. Young players, juniors, adults in recreational and competitive leagues look up to the professionals.


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